The finest address.
Everywhere in the world.

Beyond luxury, Njord is personal enrichment.
A private yacht like no other on our blue planet.
A magnificent residence circumnavigating
the globe, taking in its wonders.

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a new world

A light to guide our future.
A lasting legacy in your wake.

A private yacht with a philanthropic purpose, Njord is equipped
to undertake scientific and oceanographic research
everywhere she travels. And all on board are united in
supporting charities, missions and pressing causes.

A spirit shared.

Njord is home to a discerning community of individuals,
sharing a passion for travel, adventure and discovery.
The world's largest private yacht and one of the most
exclusive clubs in the world.

Time, savoured.

Every dimension and each detail of Njord is meticulously
crafted by icons of the design world, with world-class resident
amenities. Days full of extraordinary possibilities await, and
exquisite moments of relaxation and reflection.

Yacht Architects: world-renowned, super-yacht naval architect Espen Øino & Jean Louis Stutzmann,
Ocean Residences Development Chief Design Architect

An ever-changing horizon
from the comfort of home.

From bejewelled city skylines to chic destinations – ice floes
to phosphorescent shores – Njord is the places to be.

The finest address, everywhere in the world, is an exceptional
collection of 118 ocean residences.